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Ernst Tisane Nr2 Depurative-laxative

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Thé laxatif et purifiant.

A conseiller en cas de constipation, d'hémorroïdes, de problèmes de circulation sanguine, de fatigues saisonnières ou d'affections de la peau.

Sennae folium 0,844 g, Frangulae cortex 0,248 g, Urticae herba 0,077 g, Phaseoli fruct 0,088 g, Millifolii herba c flore 0,168 g, Menthae piperitae herba 0,206 g, Liquiritiae radix 0,168 g, Cyani flos 0,008 g, Papaveris rhoeados flos 0,008 g, Malvae arbor flos 0,008 g, Anthillidis vuln flos 0,008 g, Stoechados flos 0,008 g, Acaciae Robinae 0,008 g, Trifolii rubri flos 0,008 g.

The advice of your pharmacist:

The product Ernst Tisane Nr2 Depurative-laxative is made (and / or distributed) with the highest quality standards by the company DENOLIN . On its Web site, with its experience in selling quality products, Pharmonet presents all the products of this brand available on the market.

However, if the product Ernst Tisane Nr2 Depurative-laxative is not conform to your expectations for any reason whatsoever, do not hesitate to inform us and we will forward your comments directly to the company DENOLIN .

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